Productivity Solutions is a manufacturing & industrial engineering consulting firm in Cleveland Ohio. We deliver process improvement solutions to build, maintain and improve your manufacturing operations.

About Us

Productivity Solutions has been providing manufacturing process improvement consulting, design, and training services to large and small manufacturers. Our 23 years of experience providing manufacturing and industrial engineering consulting allows us to quickly quantify operational costs and develop solutions to provide critical information for making profit-enhancing decisions.


Productivity Solutions provides manufacturing and industrial engineering consulting services that build, maintain and improve manufacturing processes. We focus on manufacturing layout, process design, material flow, scrap/set-up reduction, capacity modeling, and project management. Click the Service menu above or a Service description below to learn how we can help you be more competitive.

Industries Served

We have successfully implemented industrial and manufacturing engineering tools to minimize operating costs and decrease process variabilities across multiple industries. This broad experience enables us to cross pollinate the best method solutions between industries. Click the “Industries Served” menu above or an icon below to see how we helped other companies in your industry.

View examples of our past projects in the following industries:

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