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KPI – a performance indicator or key performance indicator is a type of performance measurement

Standardized Work is the backbone of Continuous Improvement

Standardized Work defines what is to be done when and how long it should take.  ISO-9000 was based on standardizing processes to minimize variation.  Once repeatable, improvements can be made and sustained to create an improved process.  Accurate production rates within Standardized Work provides the ability to identify where and why variation exists.  This quantitative data is used in many Lean -Six Sigma tools to improve processes.  Productivity tracking tools such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) use standard rates as one of its’ three calculation variables.

In summary, the backbone to efficiently improve your processes is to have accurate Standardized Work.  Let Productivity Solutions help you document and calculate accurate standardized rates.  Then we can cost-justify the solutions to increase your profit margin.

Project Examples


Automotive Line Balancing

Utilized MODAPTS to rebalance automotive assembly lines.

  • New product launch required rebalancing multiple assembly stations.
  • Removing parts from kits directly to line loading required rebalancing multiple assembly lines.

Time studies and historical data used to calculate over 500 production rates.

Experienced engineers at Productivity Solutions can create or update your cycle time in the fraction of the time young engineers can.

  • A combination of reviewing the variation in historical cycle time data, visual observations and recording cycle times with stop watches provides one of the most accurate ways to calculate standard rates.
  • Accurate cycle times allows rebalancing work loads dependent upon product demand and operator availability.
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