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Quality Control Project Examples

Compressed Gas Equipment Manufacturer

Compressed Gas Equipment Manufacturer to Quality Control

As a top Compressed Gas Equipment Manufacturer, quality control sits at the heart of our operations. Firstly, we excel in machining, assembling, testing, and packaging. Our range spans medical devices, welding gear, manifold systems, and compressed gas fittings. Moreover, our commitment shines through our procedure development, focusing on documentation, updates, and distribution per ISO-9000 standards.

Furthermore, our team has updated over 400 production and test procedures. Consequently, each product adheres to the highest quality and safety standards. This meticulous care boosts product reliability and cements our industry leadership. Additionally, by leveraging advanced technology and industry best practices, we aim to surpass client expectations. Finally, our quality management approach is a testament to our dedication to excellence. This establishes us as a dependable partner in the compressed gas equipment sector.

Machines, assembles, tests and packages medical, welding, manifold and compressed gas fitting assemblies.

  • Wrote several procedures for documenting, updating and distributing departmental procedure per ISO-9000 requirements.
  • Updated production and test procedures per ISO-9000 requirements for over 400 assemblies.
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