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Pet Food

Pet Food – Extruding, Drying & Packaging Operations – Food Chemical Industry Process 

Dog Food Manufacturer

  • Designed new bagging operations and equipment requirements to eliminate the need for $6 million of work-in-process silos and conveyors.
  • Performed capacity and scheduling calculations using digital simulation and Excel software.
  • Identified proper buffer storage sizing for 5 automated bagging and palletizing lines.

Snack Food Manufacturer

Snack Food Manufacturer

  • Provided recommendations for increasing throughput 15%. Included reviewing oven speeds, mixing times and packaging operations.

PVC and Acrylic Powder Processing Plant

PVC and Acrylic Powder Processing Plant

  • Performed a staffing reduction project that identified non-capital proposals, capital projects and combined proposals.
  • Performed assessment, training and documentation of current tasks, resource loading with Gantt Charts.
  • Evaluated the operational cost impact of several different staffing calculations and recommendations with management.

PVC Plant

Chemical Mixing, Blending and Packaging Company

  • Performed a 3 Phase site expansion feasibility study.
  • Created several site and facility layouts for revision and updating.
  • Calculated manpower savings from a consolidated barrel filling operation.
  • Generated material handling costs for a $30 million, 3 line automatic 55-gallon filling stations.
  • Provided project management meetings, and presentations within budget.
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