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LeanOps™ Production Reporting Program

This easy to use program connects you to your process’s performance statistics and presents easy to read charts, graphs and tables from the raw data. 

What is LeanOps™?

LeanOps™ is a relational database application that connects you to your shop floor operational data and presents preformatted easy-to-read charts, graphs, and tables.

LeanOps™ is a Microsoft™ Access® program that produces over 35 preformatted reports focusing on equipment utilization, downtime, operator efficiency, and scrap reduction. It helps managers and engineers maximize their ROI on capital investments by using an activity-based costing approach to prioritize and cost-justify operational cost-reduction opportunities. LeanOps™ is a great tool for small-to-medium-sized companies looking to replace Excel spreadsheets and start tracking their shop floor performances more efficiently.

LeanOps™ is not a traditional ERP system; it does not contain a scheduling program, track inventory or production orders through a shop. It focuses on shop floor performance variables like downtime costs, asset utilization calculations and scrap costs. It is designed as a stand-alone application or can be connected to a manufacturer’s current ERP program. Some of LeanOps™ reports may overlap current ERP program reports such as operator efficiencies and part costing.

LeanOps™ implementation is available at five levels depending on a manufacturer’s needs. A user can track equipment downtime, downtime, throughput, and scrap only, or all of the above, plus operator and product performance operating efficiencies. Level 5’s inputs include part numbers and routing tables with production standards. Maintaining the LeanOps™ tables that overlap with a manufacturer’s ERP system can be accomplished electronically to minimize maintenance labor costs.

Why use LeanOps™?

  • Increase throughput, profit margins and operator efficiency.
  • Decrease operational costs, downtimes, lead times and risk.
  • Concentrate resources on the top Pareto Analysis downtime opportunities or scrap causes.
  • Quick access to standardized reports for operation managers, plant managers, and supervisors.
  • Standardized reports to benchmark and track the impact of cost reduction projects at the plant level, work center level, and part number level.
  • Benchmark your operational performances with quantitative values.
  • Short Return-On-Investment (ROI)
  • Multiple-level implementation based on operational need and availability of funds.
  • Establish accurate part costs based on actual throughput rates.
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