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Project Examples

Picture of 3 LCD TVs

Projection TV Lens Manufacturer

Injection molds and assembles several million projection lens tubes with glass blanks annually.

  • Reduced annual inventory carrying costs $140,000 and annual operating costs $90,000 by performing a comprehensive workflow study.

Compressed Gas Equipment Manufacturer

Compressed Gas Equipment Manufacturer

Machines, assembles, tests and packages medical, welding, manifold and compressed gas fitting assemblies.

  • Implemented leveled scheduling with new assembly cell layouts for continuous flow processing utilizing Kanban cards to improve production efficiency 15% and minimizing WIP inventory.

Fiberglass Panel Manufacturer for the Recreational Vehicle Industry

Fiberglass Panel Manufacturer for the Recreational Vehicle Industry

  • Utilizes advanced techniques to spray chopped glass and polymers onto molds.
  • Employs rigorous quality control measures to ensure product integrity.
  • Adopts sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact.
  • Leverages state-of-the-art equipment for precision and efficiency.
  • Ensures strict adherence to safety standards throughout the production process.
  • Identified and eliminated non-value-added steps in the production process.
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