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Labor Equipment Utilization Analysis

Borden Chemicals & Plastics – Operational Efficiency Analysis for Labor & Machinery

PVC and acrylic powder processing plant.

  • Performed a staffing reduction project that identified non-capital proposals, capital projects and combined proposals.
  • Performed assessment, training and documentation of current tasks, resource loading with Ghant Charts.
  • Evaluated the operational cost impact of several different staffing calculations and recommendations with management.

Labor Equipment Utilization Analysis

Fiberglass Panel Manufacturer for the Recreational Vehicle Industry – Labor Equipment Utilization Analysis

As a premier Fiberglass Panel Manufacturer catering to the Recreational Vehicle Industry, we’ve undertaken a comprehensive analysis of Equipment Utilization to streamline our manufacturing processes. Our method involves spraying chopped glass and polymers onto molds, followed by cutting and packaging these large panels efficiently.

A detailed labor analysis we conducted led to a significant 25% boost in production efficiency. This improvement is a testament to our commitment to optimizing operations and delivering quality products more swiftly.

Sprays chopped glass and polymers on molds, cuts and packages large panels.

  • Performed a labor analysis the resulted in a 25% increase in production efficiency.
  • Provided data collection procedures, production target tables and operator utilization calculations for analyzing and identifying process improvements.
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