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Teaching is our Passion

Why hire when you can teach you employees to be lean manufacturing experts?

Teaching is our passion at Productivity Solutions and Engineering Mentoring in Ohio. There’s nothing more rewarding than improving a process, except perhaps teaching someone to do it themselves. Often, companies might have a young engineer or technician spearheading projects without the benefit of an experienced engineer’s mentorship to reduce their learning curve. This mentorship involves guiding and teaching based on previously acquired knowledge.

Without an experienced engineer’s oversight, management may not fully grasp their engineers’ efficiency due to a lack of understanding of the time required for engineering tasks. By introducing an experienced engineer from Productivity Solutions in Ohio to mentor a young engineer or technician weekly, their productivity can potentially double. This mentorship includes challenging their project time estimates and holding them accountable, which significantly enhances their time management skills. The investment in hiring Productivity Solutions in Ohio pays off through either improved productivity or reduced payroll by leveraging technicians to perform engineering roles.

Mentoring Example

Training College Co-Ops

Training College Co-Ops

A manufacturing company was implementing ISO-9001 and hired 4 Co-Op students to rewrite work and test procedures. Tom Perrego taught the students the companies AS400 ERP, how to perform time studies to calculate standard rates and how to write the work and test instructions. Learning how to write these procedures is a big learning curve for young engineers.

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