Material Handling

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Project Examples

Fiberglass Panel Manufacturer

Fiberglass Panel Manufacturer for the Recreational Vehicle Industry

Sprays chopped glass and polymers on molds, cuts and packages large panels.

  • Created equipment and material handling specifications for a $14 million building expansion that doubled production.

Projection TV Lens Manufacturer

Projection TV Lens Manufacturer

Extrudes, polishes, assembles, tests and packages several million projection TV lens annually.

  • Minimized floor space requirements by justifying vertical stacking storage equipment.
  • Reduced annual inventory carrying costs $140,000 and annual operating costs $90,000 by implementing just-in-time techniques.
  • Determined the number of required lift trucks and storage racks for both in-process and finished goods inventory.



Chemical mixing, blending and packaging company.

  • Performed a 3 Phase site expansion feasibility study.
  • Created several site and facility layouts for revision and updating.
  • Calculated manpower savings from a consolidated barrel filling operation.
  • Generated material handling costs for a $30 million, 3 line automatic, 55-gallon filling stations.
  • Provided project management meetings, presentations within budget.
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