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Dog Food Manufacturer

Pet Food Manufacturer

Mixes, blends, extrudes, dries and bags several flavors of dog food.

  • Designed new bagging operations and equipment requirements to eliminate the need for $6 million of work-in-process silos and conveyors.
  • Performed capacity and scheduling calculations using digital simulation and ExcelÒ software.
  • Identified proper buffer storage queue sizes for 5 automated bagging and palletizing lines.

Projection TV Lens Manufacturer

Extrudes, polishes, assembles, tests and packages several million projection TV lens assemblies annually.

  • Performed a complete material workflow study with a 60,000-sq. ft. warehouse layout design to minimize floor space requirements, material handling costs and inventory carrying costs.
  • Reduced annual inventory carrying costs $140,000 and annual operating costs $90,000 by performing a comprehensive workflow study.
  • Provided spreadsheet models for re-calculating reorder-point levels and inventory turns to minimize inventory-carrying costs of different product forecasts.
  • Generated six (6) equipment cost justifications that supported recommendations.

Compressed Gas Equipment Manufacturer

Compressed Gas Equipment Manufacturer

Machines, assembles, tests and packages medical, welding, manifold and compressed gas fitting assemblies.

  • Implemented leveled scheduling with new assembly cell layouts for continuous flow processing utilizing Kanban cards to improve production efficiency 15%.
  • Reduced Work-In-Process (WIP) inventory 10% for several product lines.
  • Installed bar coding for finished product inventory tracking.
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